Pharmaceutical Packaging Services

LF of America offers a dependable solution when you find yourself at the point in which your organization is in search of reliable and professional pharmaceutical packaging services. Our company was established a high-end manufacturer of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Our company utilizes high-end packaging machines in order to design and develop custom unit dose packaging, dual chamber bottles, as well as other pharmaceutical containers. Our pharmaceutical packaging services help medical companies supply their specific products in a professional and secure encasement to clients and patients. LF of America is committed to providing our clients with superior quality packaging solutions for the beauty and pharmaceutical industries.

Set up as a worldwide pioneer for pharmaceutical packaging services, LF of America offers our clients our professional packaging solutions at highly competitive price points. For more than forty years Lameplast Group has been regarded as the harbinger of other pharmaceutical packaging services. The medical industry, including their associates and retailers, have become accustomed to the high standards of operation that LF of America has set for ourselves and come to expect nothing short of excellence when employing us for our pharmaceutical packaging services. The end-users that our pharmaceutical packaging services will help supply medicinal products to include:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • Patients

Our team at LF of America runs an FDA certified organization that goes above and beyond in meeting and surpassing government standards. We guarantee a premium pharmaceutical packaging services. Our company performs the filling portion of our pharmaceutical packaging services in an ISO 8 cleanroom in order to ensure that all of the products that we help place into professional pharmaceutical encasements are free of contamination. LF of America’s pharmaceutical packaging services entail:

  • Unit Dose Packaging Solutions
  • Custom Packaging Medical Containers
  • Stereolithography Printing Techniques
  • ISO 8 Cleanroom Manufacturing
  • Automatic/Semi-Automatic Filling/Sealing Machinery

There is a multitude of reasons to turn to contract pharmaceutical packaging services rather than making a blind attempt at doing it yourself. If you have completed the process of developing a new and useful pharmaceutical product and are attempting to present your product to the general public leave the packaging to the professionals. As a medical product developer you and your company are clearly experts in your field, don’t bottleneck your distribution efforts by attempting to wear too many hats. Our team at LF of America can provide you with professional pharmaceutical packaging services and help get your product ready for distribution quickly and proficiently.

Today you can find several packaging companies to select from for your product’s pharmaceutical packing services, but none will provide you with greater quality or standards of excellence than LF of America. Contact our team of contract filling specialists with any questions regarding our pharmaceutical packing services today and one of our knowledgeable and personable representatives will help clarify your query. Read more packaging related articles here!

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Services

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