Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

Pharmaceutical packaging machinery provides quick and efficient solutions for preparing cosmetic, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products for distribution. The newest pharmaceutical packaging equipment actually combines filling, sealing, and packaging into one system. As such, packaging industry leader LF of America is now the complete source for all contract filling and packaging services. And the latest improvements to our pharmaceutical packaging machinery only further separates us from our competitors as the perfect partner for all kinds of companies. For custom unit-dose packaging to filling cosmetics, health and beauty, OTC, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical products, LF of America is here.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery | Automated Packaging System

Our packaging equipment is capable of handling most types of liquids. Gels. Creams. Lotions. Serums. Liquids. In other words, no matter the viscosity, our pharmaceutical packaging machinery makes contract filling, package sealing, and liquid packaging services possible for orders big and small.

Different types of liquid are commonly found in the pharmaceutical industry.  And each individual product needs a precise measurement, that makes one unit-dose size different than the next. Our pharmaceutical packaging machinery can fill and seal unit-dose vials between  0.33 – 10 ml at a rate of 115-125 per minute. This overall output is actually the most efficient rate for packaging machines available.

Pharmaceutical packaging equipment like our latest machines can fill and seal packages of your design as well. Contact LF of America to learn more about our contract filling services. Watch the PentaFill A10 Fill and Seal Machine in the video below:

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery | Unit-Dose Packages

Our custom packaging services allow you to create and customize the containers your products come in. The patented turn-key design is perfect for a unit-dose delivery system. It offers multi-use applications, is more hygienic, and easy to transport. We use injection mold technology for every unit-dose vial, which comes in a strip of 5 individual ampoules. 

In addition to our unit-dose containers, our other packaging options include bellow bottles, wand tubes, enema containers, bottles with droppers, dual chamber bottles, containers for vaginal use, and multi-layer technology. The packaging molds are developed using eco-friendly methods and materials and come in various colors and sizes. You can even choose to add custom text, embossing, logos, and more. Contact us to learn how to send in a small amount of your product and receive a sample container completely free!

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery | About Us

LF of America has an FDA-registered facility located in Boca Raton, FL. We are the US-based branch of the packaging industry giant Lameplast Group. Our partnership enables us to provide contract filling and custom packaging services for companies worldwide. Investigate our website for more information about who we are. You can Contact Us or call us at 561-988-0303 if you have any additional questions. And be sure to read more about what our pharmaceutical packaging machinery makes possible.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Machinery

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