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A unit dose machine is what the leading packaging companies utilize for filling, sealing, and packaging liquid products. You can see unit dose packaging in such industries as cosmetics, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and even industrial. The purpose of unit dose packaging is to provide a specific amount of one product in a single measuring unit, making it a convenient solution for the user.

The unit dose machine we house IS more advanced than ever, making them the most efficient of its kind. They are capable of filling, sealing, and packaging liquid products in a quick amount of time and involve little to no interaction once the process is started. You can read more information about our most advanced unit dose machine below, along with a  video of our other unit dose machine in action. For more information about who we are and what we do, please visit our website here: LF of America.

Unit Dose Machine | Contract Services

In order to fulfill our various contract services for filling and packaging orders, we realized we needed the best available unit dose machine. So, we did just that. It now rests in our state of the art FDA-registered facility, further positioning us as the leading packaging company for liquid products in the United States.

The PentaFill A25 unit dose machine is unlike any unit dose machine that was in use before it and is capable of handling contract packaging orders big and small. It fills up to 125 separate vials (0.33-1.0 ml) or 115 separate vials (2.0-10.0 ml) in a single minute. This efficiency means that even large contract orders can be processed and made ready for delivery in just one day.

Additionally, we also have the PentaFill A10 unit dose machine, perfect for handling smaller orders. Using the same process, but on a smaller scale, it also fills, seals, and packages liquid products quickly. Take a minute and watch the Pentafill fill and seal machine below:

Unit Dose Machine | Your Packaging

Aside from our filling, sealing, and packaging services, we also provide our clients the ability to develop their very own custom unit-dose packaging. We are capable of creating packaging in various sizes, colors, and offer our patented turnkey solution that makes sealing you packaging possible. You are also able to emboss your own logo and choice of text on each vial. Take a look at some of the custom packaging we create in the video below:

In case that you already have settled on a specific packaging design, we are still able to provide our packaging services for your brand. However, if you would like to receive a free sample of our custom packaging, we only need a small amount of your product and will be happy to provide it to you.

Unit Dose Machine | About LF

LF of America is the American partner of the European-based Lameplast Group. Our partnership allows us to package and distribute products internationally. We remain at the top of our industry and provide a simple, affordable solution for many different companies in the pharmaceutical, health and beauty, and cosmetic field. If you have any additional inquiries, please CONTACT US.

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Unit Dose Machine

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