Have you found your ideal partner in the universe of Health & Beauty yet?

Either cosmetics or OTC, filling your products at LF of America ensures that it is packaged with the highest standards of safety and quality assurance.

The production processes at LF of America are done in controlled areas and are guaranteed by the experience of many years in the industry.

Filling products

Your Packaging

Your Packaging

The fact that we offer unique and beautiful containers doesn’t mean we are unwilling when it comes to filling other packaging.

If you already have your tubes or bottles we will be happy to consider a contract and OTC filling for you.

Provide us some packaging samples, we will evaluate the filling feasibility and get back to you with our best prices.

Your Packaging

Benefits of contract filling with LF of America include:

  True turn-key services: formulation, batching, packaging selection and filling all under one roof for quick turnaround time.

   FDA registered facility.

   Filling performed in an ISO 8 cleanroom following Cosmetic GMP guidelines (extending from a Quality System designed for Medical Devices)

   Filling of vials in five-piece strips with five different products, different viscosities and filling levels.

   Filling of bellows bottles and wand tubes with hypoallergenic silicone applicators.

   Filling all kind of liquid solutions: from liquids to serums, from gels to creams.

   Maximum flexibility: from small production through semi-automated operations to large-scale orders with highly automated machines.

   Final pack out of the containers may be completed in secondary packaging provided by clients.

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