Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Contract filling and packaging services for liquid products are more efficient than ever before. This is welcomed news to many pharmaceutical companies that carry their own OTC, cosmetic, health and beauty, or related products. The latest pharmaceutical packaging machine can handle orders both big and small by filling, sealing, and packaging liquids in unit dose vials at a powerful rate. Be sure to visit our website if you are curious about all of our contract filling and custom packaging services. There you can also find a more in-depth description of our unit dose pharmaceutical packaging machine and read about packaging manufacturing. Continue reading to find out more about LF of America’s contract packaging automation system. You can also see how the pharmaceutical packaging machine works in the video provided below.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine | Our Services

Pharmaceutical companies depend on businesses like LF of America to make sure their product is safely packaged and ready for distribution. That is why we invested heavily into the most innovative pharmaceutical packaging machine on the market. The PentaFill A25 and PentaFill A10 unit dose packaging machines are capable of filling, sealing, and packaging liquids for any size order.

Maxing out at 15 vials per minute, they are both impressive systems that make the entire process of liquid packaging easier and more efficient. They are housed in our FDA-registered facility in an ISO 8 cleanroom, ensuring all products are protected from any potential contamination. Take a moment to watch the video below to see what an amazing feat of engineering the pharmaceutical fill and seal machine really is.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine | Custom Options

LF of America also provides our clients the ability to design their very own custom packaging. Our custom packaging service develops bellow bottles, dual chamber bottles, wand tubes,  unit-dose packages with our patented turnkey design, and even more available options.

You can choose what color, design, and other features suit your product best. Then you can add whatever text or custom embossing you choose, such as your company’s logo. Watch the video below for some examples of our custom packaging options.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine | About Us

LF of America partners with the European-based Lameplast Group to provide our contract filling and packaging services worldwide. Our mission is to continue to find innovative solutions to provide affordable packaging options for pharmaceutical companies throughout the world. We began our journey into packaging over 35 years ago, and work with companies in a variety of industries.

Just send us a small amount of your product if you would like to receive a free sample. To find out more, or if you have any additional questions for us, click here: Contact LF of America.

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Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

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