Proprietary Plastic Container Manufacturer

Today’s market is more competitive than ever, and the need for reliable, high-quality packaging solutions has never been greater. Whether your business is in the cosmetics or over-the counter (OTC), pharmaceuticals sector, or another industry that requires specialized packaging, LF of America will stand out as a leading innovator and leader in quality. LF of America is a plastic container manufacturer that offers unmatched expertise in the design of custom packaging. If you are looking for the most trustworthy Proprietary Plastic Container Manufacturer look no further than LF of America.

Unmatched expertise in packaging design

We are proud to manufacture plastic containers of the highest quality at LF of America. We are proud to partner with Lameplast to use their decades of expertise and cutting-edge technology to develop unique, patented containers that meet your needs.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

Two distinct technologies are used in our manufacturing process: injection molding, and blow molding. We can produce containers with innovative designs, but also of exceptional quality and functionality. Our solutions, whether you require single-dose or multi-dose packaging for your products, are designed to provide the highest level of safety and convenience to end users.

Controlled Environment Production

All of our manufacturing processes take place in controlled environments adhering to Class 10,000 Standards. This level of quality control ensures our plastic packaging meets ISO 9001:2008 requirements, ensuring top-tier safety and quality assurance. Every step of our production is monitored by a complex quality control system, which ensures that every container produced meets our high standards.

Custom Packaging Solutions to Meet Every Need

We understand that each product has its own packaging needs. We offer customized packaging solutions to meet your needs. Our team can help you create a packaging design that will stand out on the market, whether you are launching a product or upgrading your existing packaging.

We are experts in packaging

We are flexible and can fill any type of packaging, even if it is not our own. We can fill your bottles or tubes if you already own them. Our team will assess the feasibility of filling your packaging by evaluating samples.

Safety and Quality Assurance

LF of America will fill your products to the highest safety and quality standards. Our extensive industry experience ensures that our production processes are safe, allowing you to rest assured that your products are being handled by professionals.

Join LF of America Today as a Partner

Choosing LF of America to be your plastic container manufacturer is a partnership with a company that strives for excellence in packaging design and manufacture. We are committed to innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact Us

Are you ready for a packaging upgrade with LF of America? We invite you to contact us and learn more about how we can assist in creating the perfect packaging for your product. Our expertise and innovative approach will bring your packaging ideas to life.

Discover the LF of America difference and why we are a trusted partner for custom packaging and proprietary plastic containers. Contact us today to start building a successful business partnership.

Proprietary Plastic Container Manufacturer


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