Revolutionizing Packaging with Proprietary Plastic Containers by LF of America

In the dynamic packaging world, there is a growing demand for innovative packaging solutions that combine aesthetics and functionality. LF of America in partnership with Lameplast is at the forefront of innovation. They specialize in the design and manufacture of plastic containers of their own that are industry standards.

Customized Packaging Solutions

LF of America knows that the uniqueness of a particular product is not only about its contents, but also in how it is presented. We focus on creating custom-made plastic containers that are designed and made to meet the needs of your brand. Our containers are perfect for any product, whether it’s personal care, pharmaceuticals or OTC items.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques

We use two advanced manufacturing techniques: blow molding and injection molding. We can create unique, patented designs of containers that are both visually pleasing and highly functional using these methods.

  • Injection molding: This method allows for complex and detailed designs. It is possible to create containers with high-quality finishes and precise specifications. Injection molding can be used to create durable containers capable of holding a wide range of substances.
  • Blowing Molding: Blowing molding is the best method for producing containers with a flexible structure such as tubes and bottles. This method is especially effective for producing hollow containers that are uniform in large numbers.

Strict Quality Controls

At LF of America, quality is the basis of our manufacturing processes. All of our plastic containers are manufactured in controlled environments which comply with Class 10,000 Standards. Our operations are also ISO 9001-2008 certified to ensure a high level of quality. Our quality control system is designed for detection and elimination of any defects. This ensures that each container we produce meets strict quality criteria.

A Turn-Key Partner for Your Brand

Choosing LF of America is choosing a partner that will handle everything, from the design phase to the delivery. Turn-key solutions from LF of America include:

  • Packaging Production: Our packaging manufacturing team will take your idea and make it a reality. We keep you informed at each step of the process.
  • Formulation Our expert chemists will create the perfect blend to meet your needs.
  • Filling Contracts: Our filling services are available for liquids and gels of all kinds. We use the latest equipment to ensure efficiency and precision.
  • Secondary Packaging: Our secondary packaging services include everything from labeling to final packaging.

Why choose LF of America?

LF of America has decades of experience and offers a complete package, including expert advice, technical expertise, and dedicated service to customers. We are a packaging leader because of our commitment to quality and innovation.

Are you ready for a custom-designed plastic container that will not only protect and preserve your product, but also elevate your brand? Call LF of America to learn how our solutions can be customized to fit your packaging needs. Let’s work together to bring your packaging vision to life.

Proprietary Plastic Containers


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