Filling & Sealing Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines

The overall use of pharmaceutical packaging machines has drastically increased over the past decade. This is primarily due to the advancements in technology these pharmaceutical packaging machines have recently seen. LF of America is now leading the way for pharmaceutical packaging companies and the associated businesses that produce the products that come in these packages.

The most significant difference between new and old pharmaceutical packaging machines is the ability to now fill and seal liquid products using the same machine. With this all-inclusive approach, the first designs struggled to keep up with high volume demands and still relied on manual labor to complete the process. This is no longer the case.

The newest pharmaceutical packaging machines we have introduced at LF of America are capable of filling as many as twenty-five vials per minute if the packaging size is in the 0.33 – 1 ml range. For packages in the 2 – 10 ml range they are capable of filling twenty-three vials per minute. This is by far the most efficient production seen from pharmaceutical packaging machines and is ideal for small to medium-sized product batches. You can watch our PentaFill A10 fill and seal machine in action in the video provided below:

As you can see, modern pharmaceutical packaging machines like ours are able to automatically load batches of the liquid product then fill and seal the packages themselves. The products can be filled and sealed in custom created containers that we produce for you or can use any design you have already settled on.

The custom containers we create can be modified to your specifications and come in single-dose plastic containers in 5-vial strips. There is also an option to stamp or print your logo or whatever text you would like onto the containers and can be color-coordinated to your choosing. The vials range in size from 0.33 ml to 10 ml and each 5-vial strip can be customized to contain different products within each vial.

These new pharmaceutical packaging machines are designed to handle almost any form of liquid. These include gels, serums, creams, and liquids in a variety of different viscosities, making it the perfect solution for packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and industrial products.

LF of America provides a full turn-key contract filling service (including batching, formulating, filling, and packaging liquid products) with state of the art pharmaceutical packaging machines. Our pharmaceutical packaging machines are housed in our FDA registered facility in completely controlled environments that follow the ISO8 Standards. Our European partner Lameplast Group gives us the ability to fulfill these services worldwide.

CONTACT US to find out how to send in a small amount of your product and we will gladly provide free samples. For more information about the packaging services we provide and to find out more about us visit our website at the link provided here: LF of America

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machines

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