Liquid Contract Packaging, Filling & Sealing Services

If you are looking for a complete contract packaging, filling and sealing service for your liquid product then pay a visit to LF of America. LF of America offers a totally in-house contract packaging, filling and sealing service for a variety of health & beauty, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and industrial companies. Our team has been a leading innovator in our respective industry for more than thirty years and continues to push the boundaries of what is possible from a contract packaging company. To find out more about who we are and the services we provide visit our website at LF of America.

LF of America began making a name for ourselves with the inclusion of unit-dose contract packaging. We have been commonly employed by cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies to package, fill, and seal their products and retain the ability to create customized packages for each of our clients. These custom packages can be printed or embossed with your company’s logo, can come in whatever color you choose, and vary in size from 0.3 mL to as large as 10 mL. They can also be specially designed to include different viscosities or products within a five-vial strip. We provide our contract packaging, filling and sealing service for the entire spectrum of liquid solutions, including gels, serums, creams, and common liquids.

The only thing we need to get started is a small amount of your product. With this, we will gladly send out free product samples to you and your company and offer a variety of different containers besides our typical unit-dose and turn-key package styles. To accommodate all of the different industries our clients are involved in we offer these eight different styles:

  • Dual Chamber Bottles
  • Wand Tubes
  • Bellow Bottles
  • Unit Dose Packaging
  • Bottles w/ Droppers
  • Multi-Layer Technology
  • Enema Containers
  • Vaginal Use

With our latest addition of our newest filling, sealing and packaging machine we are able to provide our services on a small and large scale. This new machine is a state of the art addition to our FDA registered facility. Our European partner Lameplast Group gives us a cumulative experience that allows us to serve clients on a worldwide scale. We maintain all of the strict compliance Class 10,000 Standards and maintain the complex regulations for health and quality. The new packaging machine can fill up to 125 vials per minute.

Visit our website at LF of America to find out how to send in your product and receive a free sample package from us. Contact Us if you have any additional questions or to let us know how we can help you and your company. You can also find us on Facebook at LF of America.

Contract Packaging

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