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LF of America is not just any health and beauty packaging company. LF always prided itself on approaching each new client not just as a contract, but as a partner. Our emphasis has always been to provide the most innovative, customizable, and intuitively designed packaging solutions to the health and beauty industries. With more global focus on the cosmetics market than ever before, it is imperative to provide the absolute best to customers every step of the way. This begins with the collaborators who support your company. See why LF of America is the ideal partner to help elevate your products to their absolute highest potential.


Contract Filling Services

LF of America’s in house filling services are specially designed to best serve cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies applications. If you already have packaging that you love, but not the ability to fill it or are looking to change your filling company, please contact LF of America today. Once provided with your packaging samples, we will be able to determine if LF’s FDA registered facilities are suited to fit your needs. We have a wide array of filling options available with capabilities to work with liquids, creams, gels, serums, and powders. This makes it likely that LF of America will be the perfect filling contractor for you. 


Specialized Beauty Packaging

LF of America is on the forward edge of the beauty packaging company industry. Our designs are user-friendly and customizable in a myriad of ways. Color choices are endless with LF of America and we offer custom embossing, silk printing, hot-stamping (or any combination of these). Some of our most popular products for cosmetic applications include:


-Bellow Bottles

Our bellow bottles are customizable accordion-style bottles. They offer superb dispensing for creams, gels, liquids, and powders with two capacity and cannula length options. 


-Dropper Bottles

Our dropper bottles come in five different bottle size options and five dropper options. This allows your users to slowly and accurately apply a variety of liquids, serums, and even viscous gels. These can be labeled and four-color silkscreened to communicate your brand’s specific tone. 


-Wand Tubes

Circular or ovoidal wand tubes are chic and allow easy, hands-free application of a variety of beauty products. We, of course, offer our standard vast multitude of color and labeling options. Wand tubes also come with the added option of a variety of application tips. You can choose either a silicone or plastic tip to allow for endless functions. Past LF of America clients have filled their wand tubes with products such as lipgloss, facial and eye creams/serums, nail and teeth treatments, spot correctors, and eyebrow products. 


-Multi-layer Technology

Previously, a delicate or unusual formula could greatly influence packaging design. This could lead to a superb product being bogged down by a less-than-ideal shell. LF of America’s Multi-layer Tech mitigates this by including an intermediate layer to fully conceal product so that outer packaging can be designed to be more pleasing to the consumer.


LF of America always holds itself to the highest standards of sanitation, timeliness, and customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a premier health and beauty packaging company to partner with who is dedicated to your business and products, look no further than LF of America. 

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