What is Unit Dose Packaging

Are you curious about, what is unit dose packaging? If so, LF of America is a true pioneer in the field of packaging manufacturing, especially unit dose Packaging.  For over forty years Lameplast Group has positioned itself as the worldwide leader for the highest quality plastic containers for several different industries.  This includes – pharmaceutical packaging, cosmetic packaging, veterinary packaging and for any other related industries that require custom packaging.  LF of America is the North American branch of Lameplast Group.  This will allow our designers and engineers the ability to maneuver any project though the complete process effortlessly.  From the initial concept, to design, production and ultimately a rapid delivery of your packaging.

Unit Dose Packaging

Our packaging can be used in a large variety of industries including retail packaging.  OTC (Over the Counter) applications are maintained at the highest manufacturing standard, assuring the utmost quality and safety will be adhered too.  LF of America is continually striving to develop newer and greener technologies which greatly reduces our carbon footprint.  Their bioplastic strip was revolutionary for incorporating 100% renewable resources – formulating a green trail for everyone to follow.

LF of America is your turn-key collaborator for a large array of Health and Beauty industry products that require unit dose packaging.  Let us manufacture any and every one of your packaging requirements, formulation prep, contract filling and secondary pack out.  Our facilities are always kept in top condition and strictly follow ISO 8 Clean Room and Cosmetic GMP guidelines.  All plastic unit dose packaging and single dose packaging are finished in fully controlled environments

All manufacturing of the plastic packaging, single dose & unit dose packaging are completed in completely controlled environments according to Class 10,000 Standards and Guidelines and are held in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.  Our complex quality control system goes well above and beyond state and federal regulations giving your product top shelf treatment.  LF of America incorporates two distinctly different packaging methods.  Injection molding and blow molding technologies for uniquely styled and patented containers.

As captured by its name “unit dose,” the medicine in unit dose packaging is equal to exactly one single dosage. Unit dose packaging also allows a single dose to last for a twenty four hour time span. There are several advantages for this type of medicine packaging in hospital and clinical environments:

The medicine is protected and safeguarded against extremely obvious tampering and allows for visual inspection

Barcodes for identification and streamlining purposes of individual doses

Accurate service for patients with exacting pre-measured doses taking human error out of the equation

The patient pays for only medicine consumed reducing waste through bulky bottles

Well-organized and economical medication counts allow for more clear-cut allocation to patients

Broken and Smashed packages are easy to identify

Electronic documentation of use Unit Dose Packaging

Due to unit dose packaging highly effective nature in the medical field, it has easily adapted and ventured in many other packaging arenas. The cosmetics industry immediately saw the benefits for retail packaging.  A wide-ranging amount of products in the cosmetic industry are now utilizing single dose packaging solely.  Perfumes, colognes, lotions, gels, makeup, creams, and soaps, are successfully marketed using this type of packaging option. The cosmetics and medical industry products come in immediate contact with the body either oral or through skin.  This requires that the products must be fully protected from outside sources and contamination. Single dose packaging protects and uphold the integrity of all ingredients.

Call LF of America today if you have any questions about Unit Dose Packages.  Send us a small amount of your product and we will gladly fill and seal some samples for you.

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