Custom Single Unit Dose Packaging

LF has a simple yet massive goal to introduce innovative packaging options into the health and beauty industries. Over the years, we have carefully studied the needs of both manufacturers and consumers. We’ve introduced dozens of niche products to the market which are explicitly designed to solve common problems faced by the wellness industry and optimize your customer’s experience. One of our most popular products is the single unit dose packaging strip. If you are ready to elevate your superb formula with quality custom packaging, look no further than LF of America.


Unit Dose Packaging Benefits


Unit dose packaging has a variety of benefits for both the manufacturer and consumer. On the manufacturer’s end, our customizable packaging is an easy way to stand out in a market that is becoming exponentially more saturated each day. We have a variety of size options so you can dose out your product exactly and avoid confusion by your buyers. We also offer a variety of closure types including reclosable options if you wish for a single ampoule to be multiuse. Our proprietary Pentafill machines are capable of filling up to five different products in the same strip. This allows you to create thoughtful product combinations or allow customers to sample multiple products from a line.  


This type of packaging is also beneficial to consumers as it is cleaner and more compact than other options on the market. In the case of cosmetic goods, customers will appreciate the attention to detail on each unit. elimination of guesswork when it comes to using a new product. This style of packaging will also appeal to beauty fanatics who prefer to keep things cleaner and not use their hands. There is no need to reach into a large jar or tub of product, which makes your formula much more user-friendly. 


Especially in medical settings, sanitation is of utmost importance and our disposable ampoules make filling syringes easier and cleaner than ever. Many medical professionals also appreciate the alternative to costly and space-taking glass vials that have been the norm for years.  


Why LF of America


There are many packaging companies around, but none have the expertise and commitment to excellence that drives LF of America. We think of each new client as a real business partnership, not just a contract. LF will always go above and beyond to answer your questions and meet your needs. This starts with creating eco-friendly packaging to appeal to the sensibilities of today. We offer unprecedented customization options in order to make sure you can get your brand’s voice to come through with each product. In addition to a variety of shapes, sizes, and closures we also can heavily customize the aesthetics of your single unit dose packaging. Our customization options for unit dose strips include:

  • Endless color options

  • Custom labeling

  • Pad printing

  • Hot stamping 

  • Embossing

  • And logo/image printing!

As mentioned previously, we can also help fill your strips with a variety of product combinations. This can be especially helpful when dealing with cosmetic samples, multi-step products, or medical test kits. 


LF of America has a variety of other packaging styles to choose from. If you are interested in our vast customization options but do not think a unit dose strip is quite right for your product, take a look at our other cosmetic and medical grade bottles, wands, plungers, and ampoules.  

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Single Unit Dose Packaging

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