Turnkey Liquid Packaging by LFoA

Turnkey Liquid Packaging by LFoA

Lf of America and it’s Partners are the most efficient and well put together Turnkey Liquid Packaging operation in the United States. If you are in the business of developing and manufacturing over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, or cosmetic products, it is in your best interest to consider using the services of a Turnkey Liquid Packaging provider such as LF of America. It’s important to understand what an organization like ours does, and why this concept is such a benefit for over-the-counter medicine and cosmetic manufactures to consider. Essentially what we do, is offer a packaging and distribution solution so that manufacturers of these types of products mentioned above, do not have to invest in their own departments, personell, and facitilities to do so. this has many possible positive results and Outcomes.

Firstly, and probably the most obvious benefit of utilizing such a Turnkey Liquid Packaging, is the time-saving factors of this process. Putting in the time to develop a complex chemical product that is safe and effective is itself a daunting task. this need not be further convoluted by the process of developing a facility to produce a packaging that works well with your product. There is also the time it takes to no only acquire such a facility, but staff the facility with trained employees, and come up with your own functional designs for packaging that are cost-effective and convenient for your end-users.

The second major benefit is cost. It costs time to do all the things mentioned above, but it also requires a serious capital investment. It is no small fiscal feat to open a production factory for packaging solutions, pay employees, and deal with the permits and regulations for doing so. The fastest, and most cost-effective way to get your products packaged, is to work with a highly professional organization, whose entire purpose is to provide a Turnkey Liquid Packaging solution for OTC and Cosmetics companies.

Lf of America and our partners can make the following promises:

  • More than 100 private label formulations available and ready to be combined with our unit-dose packaging.
  • Custom formulation according to your market desires and specifications.
  • USP grade raw materials and clinically tested ingredients.
  •  NO animal-derived raw materials. NO tests performed on animals.
  • FDA registered, climate-controlled and operated under cGMP.

We can work with you to design a packaging that makes sense for your product, or use one of our many existing options stylized with your company’s info.

For more info on our packaging varieties or our operation, call us today!

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