Perfect Contract Packaging & Filling Made Easy

Finding the right contract filling and packaging services that fit your company’s needs can have on significant impact on your product’s success. Whether you are promoting a brand new OTC pharmaceutical or looking to rebrand an older cosmetics item, its success comes down to appealing to the consumer demands.

LF of America prides itself on its exceptional contract filling and packaging services. Helping companies find the perfect packaging solution is why we are so passionate about the services that we provide. Read more about our services below to find out exactly what we can do to help your brand achieve its goals.

Contract Filling Service

Our contract filling service is performed onsite at our state of the art facility in Boca Raton FL. We perform this service using advanced contract filling machines for single dose plastic containers using injection molding technology. This maximizes both production efficiency and product safety.

By using injection molding technology, we are able to fill packages on both small and large-size production scales without the added risk of overheating liquid products. This is a significant advantage in comparison to traditional BFS machines, which use the unnecessarily risky, outdated Blow/ Fill/ Seal process.

Read about the differences between these two contract filling machines to learn more.

Contract Packaging Services

Our contract packaging services allow companies with liquid pharmaceuticals, OTC medications, health and beauty products, cosmetics, or other liquid products find the perfect container for full retail distribution. We specialize in a variety of different packages, vials, and containers, including unit-dose packaging systems, and even provide custom packaging manufacturing.

Product containers and vials should complement the products that they hold. This packaging, along with the label, is a form of marketing and will be the primary way consumers choose to purchase the item. Our contract packaging experts can help find the perfect container to reflect the image you wish to portray, including custom labeling, branding, embossing, and more.

Read about liquid packaging trends in 2018 to learn more.

Turnkey Solutions

LF of America provides our clients the option to discover the benefits of turnkey solutions. Rather than hiring separate contract fillers and packagers, turnkey solutions provide companies an affordable and efficient, all-in-one contract filling and packaging service.

Turnkey solutions are the best choice for companies looking to get the most out of their contract filling and packaging companies. Eco-friendly, scalable, and standard regulation compliant, the benefits of having a turnkey partner will save you money while giving you more time to focus on business operations.

Since turnkey solutions are quickly becoming the preferred choice for pharmaceutical companies and OTC packaging, it’s recommended to find a partner with experience and proven success. This is why we are proud to be the US-based contract filling and packaging company within the reputable Lameplast Group.

Contact the LF of America team to speak to a turnkey expert about our contract filling and packaging services. For more information about sending in a small amount of your product to receive a free product sample, call 561-988-0303.

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Contract Filling and Packaging

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