Fill & Seal Machine for Unit Dose Packaging System

LF of America has been a leading innovator in the contract packaging services for decades. We implement a unit dose packaging system that consists of a filling and sealing machine that is more reliable than ever for all cosmetic or pharmaceutical contract packaging services. The PentaFill A25 is the latest addition to our innovative contract packaging services. It altogether allows LF of America to be your one and only source for all filling, packaging, and sealing of custom 5-vial strips.
LF of America is a turn-key partner for over the counter and personal care products. Their custom-designed packages can be made to your specifications. You are able to decide what color, what you want to be written on each vial, and can even customize the five-vial strip. As LF of America is a partner to Lameplast Group who originates in Europe, our ability to fulfill complete contract packaging services is utilized on a worldwide scale. The reason for this is because of the amazing unit dose packaging system we have in our state of the art packaging facilities.
At LF of America we are proud to present the newest filling and sealing machines for single-dose plastic containers in 5-vial strips. What these machines allows us to do is automatically load batches of your product to fulfill our contract packaging services. It is ideal for small and medium-sized product batches or for any start-up production. The maintenance of the machine is minimal and it can easily be switched over to the next product. It is a fairly compact machine, making it easily installed in small rooms and comes with a wide range of optional features and accessories. Our new filling and sealing machines support the following formats:

  • 0.33 (ml)
  • 0.5 (ml)
  • 0.6 (ml)
  • 1.0 (ml)
  • 2.0 (ml)
  • 3.0 (ml)
  • 5.0 (ml)
  • 10.0 (ml)

This machine is capable of filling up to twenty-five vials per minute within the 0.33 to 1 ml range and twenty-three per minute in the 2 to 10 ml range. The PentaFill A25 is the most efficient machine of its kind and is what continues to keep us at LF of America at the top of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic packaging industry. We operate in completely controlled environments and follow all of the Class 10,000 Standards to remain in compliance with the necessary ISO 9001:2008 complex quality and health regulations.
For more information about our contract packaging services at LF of America or for a more thorough look at who we are visit our website at LF of America. We take pride in relaying this efficient service for a number of different products and continue to look for ways to improve our customized experiences with our clients. Contact Us for any further inquiries or for an estimate on your next contract packaging needs.

Unit Dose Packaging System

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