Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products

The world is constantly changing, creating, and innovating itself. This is especially true of the pharmaceutical industry with the sudden growth in technological applications for the medical field. If your company has growing needs that involve packaging of pharmaceutical products then it is time to pay attention to the innovations happening at LF of America. Known as a leading provider in the field for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, LF of America provides custom variations for pharmaceutical products of all types. Our flexibility to incorporate custom dosing containers and product filling services has lead us to work in a partnership with leading pharmaceutical companies as well as health and beauty businesses alike. Through strict high standards and over three and a half decades of service, we continue to grow in the field for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, providing a revolutionary idea and product many companies now realize as the best use for their product.

As a business, LF of America began 35 plus years ago as one of the first in pharmaceutical product packaging. Over this time we have gained the means to offer a complete service line to include every step of the packaging process. From assistance in selecting your custom style packaging to best accommodate your product’s distribution to the ability to fill our packages with your product, there is little, if anything, that we cannot do to ease your need for packaging of pharmaceutical products. Some of our unit-dose methods can be found in these commonly used medicinal or cosmetic Health and Beauty products:

  • Face and Eye Serums
  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Anti-Cellulite Compounds
  • Hair Products

There is a wide variety of other applications that benefit from our custom packaging of pharmaceutical products. Our ability to offer precise dosing so that you can utilize these custom packages for precise dosing allows your customers to get the exact amount of your product. We make our unit-dose containers in sizes ranging as small as 0.3 mL all the way up to as large as 10.0 mL. Our special contract filling services include the filling of ampoules in separate five-piece strips for the same amount of different products. And being involved in the stereolithography printing technique process guarantees that no matter what customization you might need, we at LF of America can fulfill it. We employ ISO 8 Cleanroom Manufacturing and utilize both automatic and semi-automatic filling and sealing machinery. Preferred by a multitude of nurses and doctors for their precise measurement, the unit dose packaging solutions are also favored by patients for the ability to get the most out of full doses for their pharmaceuticals, be it eye drops, nasal products, veterinary products, or anything in between.

For an innovative solution for the packaging of pharmaceutical products, seek out the progressive methods at LF of America. For more information visit our website at LF of America and Contact Us with additional inquiries over our customization process to get the most from your business and products from now on.

Packaging of Pharmaceutical Products

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