Plastic Vials For Syringes

The use of plastic vials for syringes has become increasingly popular with pharmaceutical companies in recent years. New and innovative packaging methods, such as plastic, have seen a reduction in the previous issues characteristic of glass container packaging products. Although glass ampoules have traditionally been the packaging choice for sensitive pharmaceuticals and biotech products, they come with characteristic issues.

Fortunately for pharmaceutical manufacturers, LF of America is a premier packaging company that offers innovative and state-of-the-art solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. This commitment to advancing pharmaceutical and biotech packaging has led to our newest innovation that eliminates the concerns raised by traditional glass containers. This new packaging solution solves many of these challenges encountered in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

Our new plastic vials for syringes with industry standard luer lock fittings are a practical and safe alternative with many advantages over prefilled syringe storage and glass ampoules. If you have any further questions or require assistance regarding our innovative plastic vials for injectables then be sure to contact LF of America today.

Advantages Of Using Plastic Vials For Syringes

There are a number of strict regulatory standards that pharmaceutical manufacturers must adhere to in order to ensure product safety. Glass ampoules are considered to have great chemical resistance, barrier properties, and are typically compliant. Despite this, pharmaceutical manufacturers have continued to search for durable and lightweight packaging solutions. Although glass ampoule containers have generally been the standard they come with a number of limitations and drawbacks.

Glass containers are characteristically fragile and have been found to cause concerns involving drug and container interaction. These storage limitations have led to a growing interest in plastic vials for syringes that can be effectively filled, shipped, stored, and administer injectables safely while following strict regulatory standards. LF of America has solved these concerns with our innovative and new plastic vials.

This new and innovative pharmaceutical and biotech storage product has none of the dangers previously associated with glass storage products. Every step of the process can benefit from the reliability of our new packaging solution from production to administration. We have designed plastic vials with industry standard luer lock fitting allowing the empty syringe to easily screw directly into the luer on the vial allowing for easy liquid transfer.

Following the content exchange, the vial can be safely disposed of while the syringe is readied for administration through a needle or directly. Other advantages of utilizing our plastic vials for syringes include:

  • Reduced risk of drug/container interaction which can alter the drug.
  • Designed to be lightweight using high-quality break-resistant materials.
  • Made with increased design flexibility.
  • Requires less space for product storage than typical prefilled syringes
  • Designed to eliminate glass breakage during the filling, shipping, storage, and administration process.

About LF Of America

LF of America provides high-quality contract filling services that use innovative and state-of-the-art machines capable of fill, seal, and injection molding. We are proud to provide a completely sterile ISO-5 environment that allows for quality and safety assurances for our clients. Our state-of-the-art liquid filling machines are also available for purchase directly from manufacturers and companies that wish to establish their own in-house packaging operation.

Contact LF of America today for further information on our products and services.

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Plastic Vials For Syringes

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