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If you are in need of contract filling services in Florida, you’ll want to know you can depend on the company you choose. When it comes to the contract packaging and filling industry, little more is as important as reliability. 

Any business that can’t rely on their contract filling services, its reputation is what gets hurt the worst. Proper protocols, handling, and a commitment to following any regulatory practices are all just as important. 

An error to follow these vital standards could amount to your product becoming tainted or less effective than it is meant to be. Similarly, a disruption in ongoing fulfillment can slow your own production and leave your business with significant problems to overcome.

These factors stand true for almost all imaginable industries. Whether OTC products, diagnostics, health and beauty, or something else entirely, contract filling plays a highly important ongoing role.

Fortunately, for anyone looking for an experienced and reliable Florida contract filling and packaging company, our experts can help. Contact LF of America today to speak with a member of our team and learn more about what makes us the premier choice in contract filling services below.

Your Source For Reliable Contract Filling Services In Florida

LF of America is the leading provider of contract filling services and liquid packaging solutions in the US. Our experienced team understands that every time a client entrusts us with their products, we become a vital part of the company’s chain.

For this reason, we put a strong emphasis on safety and compliance during each phase of the production process. It’s important to us that each and every one of our clients knows they can depend on our contract filling services to be done in a safe, effective manner.

To achieve this, we handle all of our services in contained settings with our state of the art facility. Our semi-automatic and automatic filling and sealing machines are some of the most highly advanced available, equally capable of handling small batch orders to large full-scale production sizes.

The filling and sealing machines are stationed inside our ISO-8 clean room. The ISO-8 cleanroom is immaculately maintained to remain in total compliance with Cosmetic GMP regulations, an extension of the Quality System Requirements for medical devices.

Contract Packaging Options

For packaging options, our contract filling services can be performed using your own existing containers or you can choose from our diverse variety of packaging types. Our collection of innovative packaging options include unit-dose packaging, Bellow Bottles, wand tubes, enema containers, bottles with droppers, dual chamber bottles, and more.

All of the different types of options available through our packaging manufacturing department are suitable for many different applications. Please fill out an inquiry form to request our help with developing a unique packaging solution that is ideal for your intended purposes.

If you would like to receive a free estimate regarding the cost of our Florida contract filling services, call LF of America at 561-988-0303. Moving forward, consider the entire LF team your ideal packaging partner to help your business continue to grow and achieve the goals you set out to conquer.

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Contract Filling Florida

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