What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Liquid Filling Equipment

When it comes to packaging liquid products, there are various types of liquid filling equipment options available. There are also many different manufacturers of automatic liquid filling and packaging machines. 

It will be important to gather some basic information to ensure you invest in the best liquid filling machines suitable to handle your production requirements. First, you should determine what your actual unit production requirements are in order to ensure the filling machines you are considering can satisfy your basic needs. 

Fortunately, some of the more basic factors of liquid filling equipment are fairly similar, making it easier to eliminate potential options off your list. The following article will help to understand some of these factors, including automatic filling, processing time, overall quantity, and semi-automatic versus automatic execution. 

To learn more about the filling machines for sale we have available or to request a free estimate for any of our contract packaging and filling services, contact LF of America for help.

Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic Liquid Filling Equipment

The first option to consider is whether you will need a semi-automatic or automatic filling machine. There are many different processes that occur during the filling process, including packing, capping, and sealing.

In fully automatic filling machines, these processes are completed without any user interaction. By contrast, semi-automatic filling machines will require some user interaction and more in-depth monitoring in order for the process to be completed.

Liquid Volume Fill & Seal Flexibility 

There are a large and diverse variety of container sizes and liquid volume options. Knowing what your liquid volume capacity requirements are will be important to choosing liquid filling equipment that can handle those measurements. 

Fortunately, some filling and sealing machines provide companies with liquid volume filling flexibility. It’s best to discuss these requirements with filling machine manufacturers directly to be 100% confident the machinery is compatible with all your product sizes.

Overall Production Capacity

The overall production capacity is the final important factor to determine. For smaller enterprises, owning liquid filling equipment that can fill tens of thousands of units per hour might be unnecessary. On the other hand, it’s wise to invest in filling machinery that can scale to handle all potential growth as your needs change.

At LF of America, we provide Pentafill liquid filling machines for sale that are suitable for small to large production sizes. Our automatic filling and capping machines utilize Blow Fill Seal (BFS) with injection molding technology to ensure safe processing for your products from start to finish.

To learn more, please contact LF of America or call 561-988-0303 for further assistance.

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Liquid Filling Equipment

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