Single Use Pharmaceutical Packaging For Eye Drops

Many forward-thinking companies are always looking for ways to improve their products. Finding practical improvements that benefit consumers in any area of operations has the potential to give pharmaceutical companies an edge over their competitors. One area that many companies are now embracing involve using single use pharmaceutical packaging.

This growing trend for incorporating single use pharmaceutical packaging is being especially embraced by manufacturers of ophthalmic medication like eye drops. There are many useful benefits for using unit dose containers for eye drops instead of the traditional standard dropper bottle.

The following article will highlight the advantages of single use pharmaceutical packaging for ophthalmic medication. It will also provide some information on the innovative pharmaceutical packaging and filling options we have available at LF of America. If you’d like to learn more about our unit dose packaging options or wish to discuss incorporating any of our contract packaging and filling services into your operation, please contact us for more assistance.

Advantages of Single Use Packaging For Eye Drops

Standard eye dropper bottles for ophthalmic medication has been the most common packaging option for countless years. This is predominantly because eye dropper bottles were easy to produce, fill, package, and distribute. However, there are a few common limitations that inspired companies to come up with modern solutions.

Some of these limitations are proper dosing in each eye and shelf-life concerns, which contributes to adding preservatives that create a burning sensation. Fortunately, unit dose packaging for eye drops successfully overcomes these challenges. LF of America is proud to be at the forefront of this development and has patented a specific multi-layer packaging for eye drops.

The benefits of our unit dose packaging for ophthalmic medication include:

  • Preservative Free Formula (No Burning Sensation)
  • Equal Delivery of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) in Both Eyes
  • Two Piece Unit-Dose Vial with Clean Orifice for Calibrated Drops
  • No Plastic Flashes on Opening to Improve User Experience
  • Injection Molding Technology for Flexibility & Product Safety

Watch the video provided below to learn more about our single use packaging for eye drops.

Contract Filling for Ophthalmic Medication

LF of America is a leading contract packaging and filling company in the USA. We offer full turnkey contract filling services suitable for all production size needs. Our flexible contract filling services are performed in ISO-8 controlled environments using advanced filling machines equipped with Pentafill Injection Molding Technology, which we also make available to manufacturers interested in their own in-house filling solution.

If you’re ready to incorporate the innovative advantages of single use pharmaceutical packaging into your business, we can help. Contact LF of America to speak with a representative about your packaging and filling needs. To speak with a staff member directly, please call 561-988-0303 for further assistance.

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Single Use Pharmaceutical Packaging For Eye Drops

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