Invest in an Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Purchasing an automatic liquid filling machine to bring your packaging in-house can provide numerous advantages. Packaging and filling machine manufacturers make this opportunity possible for any business interested in investing in their own packaging solution.

Today, there are now many different types of packaging and filling equipment for sale to choose from. So how do you choose which automatic liquid filling machine is right for your production needs?

To begin, it’s best to learn more about what sets the different types of filling machinery apart, which you can read more about below. If you would like to speak with a contract packaging and filling company directly about the automatic filling solutions we have available, be sure to contact LF of America for more information.

Types of Packaging and Filling Machines

Packaging and filling machines vary depending on the sort of materials they are designed to handle. You’ll need to make sure you look for packaging machine manufacturers that make the sort of equipment designed for the type of products you will be filling, such as liquids, solids, gels, or powders. 

Packaging and filling equipment can be broken down into a few sub-categories, including bottle filling equipment, labeling machinery, and automatic capping machines. An automatic liquid filling machine can also be designed to handle specific packaging types, such as unit dose packaging or blister packaging.

Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

LF of America provides a wide array of contract packaging solutions suited for various purposes and industries. We are proud to be regarded as innovative industry leaders among packaging machine manufacturers both nationally and globally.

Our available automatic liquid filling machine is capable of handling batch sizes from small and medium to full-size production. Whether it’s for diagnostic products, OTC pharmaceuticals, or something else entirely, companies that choose to invest in their own in-house packaging solution do so to gain control of their production.

The Pentafill A25 (shown below) is capable of filling up to 25 vials per minute for containers that range in size from 0.33 – 1 ml. For 2 – 10 ml containers, it is capable of filling as many as 23 vials per minute.

The Bellow Bottle Machine is an automatic capping and filling machine that is also capable of varying production sizes. These automatic filling machines are designed to handle liquids, gels, creams, serums, and powders. The Bellow Bottle Machine can cap and fill as many as 25 containers per minute. For more information, watch the video provided below.

Companies are embracing the incredible value of investing in an in-house filling machine more and more. Packaging machine manufacturers like ourselves help to ensure your investment is a worthwhile, lasting choice.

To learn more about any of our packaging and filling machines or to get a quote for the cost of purchasing your own equipment, contact LF of America today. 

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Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

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