Innovative Changes in Eye Medication Packaging

Traditional ophthalmic or eye medication packaging has always had challenges that can make dosing difficult and cause eye irritation. This can make it difficult for patients to receive the correct medication dosing in both eyes and might even cause them to discontinue usage due to the irritation.

These problems are directly linked to the packaging of pharmaceutical eye drops. Pharmaceutical companies have continued to search for a better alternative to traditional bottles with droppers

One way forward-thinking pharmaceutical companies address these issues is by looking to a contract packaging and filling company. New advancements in pharmaceutical packaging have led to safer alternatives that make administering eye medication accurate and comfortable.

One of these new innovations is known as unit-dose packaging that incorporates single-use containers. Below are some examples of how unit-dose packaging for eye medications can benefit patients and manufacturers alike. 

Traditional Packaging For Eye Medication

In the past, eye medications were packaged in a bottle that used a dispensing tip and was designed to be tamper-resistant. This packaging (known as multi-dose containers) has become widespread, yet pharmaceutical companies have been aware of the limitations this kind of packaging presents.

Multi-dose bottles are designed to maintain product quality, minimize contamination, maintain sterility, and assist in dosing. As mentioned above, the challenges of this medication packaging have always been dosing and storage. 

In terms of dosing, patients are often unable to accurately apply the same recommended or prescribed dose equally in each eye. This can cause treatment problems and other issues.

The second concern, storage, has also proved to be a challenge. Traditional ophthalmic medication packaging is made of specific materials that require using an additive in the solution.  A chemical interaction can occur between the solution and the materials used in the packaging.

The preservatives added that keep the medication fresh can also interact with both the solution and materials. These preservatives are unfortunately known to cause painful irritation or burning sensation in users. 

New Contract Packaging Methods

As a leader in contract packaging and filling, LF of America has been aware of the challenges with traditional ophthalmic medication packaging. Our team of industry experts has designed a new and innovative eye medication packaging that addresses the limitations of the past.

Our single-dose containers use patented multi-layer technology in a preservative-free formula. Single-dose containers allow users to apply medication precisely every time. 

By using a 100% preservative-free formula, our unit dose containers will not produce the same burning sensation of previous medication packaging options. LF of America’s single-dose containers also uses injection molding technology during the filling process to provide increased flexibility and safety for pharmaceutical companies and users alike. 

If you would like to learn more about LF of America and our innovative pharmaceutical contract filling and packaging services, be sure to contact us today for more information. 

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Eye Medication Packaging

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