All-in-One Contract Filling & Packaging Services

US contract packaging company LF of America makes a wide range of contract filling and packaging services available for products in the cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, and veterinary care industries. Our on-site equipment consists of some of the best automatic filling and sealing machines for plastic containers currently found within the packaging industry.

Over the course of almost four decades, the LF of America name has managed to be escalated to an esteemed position thanks to the successful completion of numerous projects. Our areas of expertise have since improved to reach far beyond simple contract packaging and now we are proud to be competent turnkey partners for packaging liquids.

All-in-One Contract Filling & Packaging Services

The contract filling and packaging services we make available include everything from packaging liquids and filling plastic containers to coming up with innovative packaging solutions for product distribution. It is our shared mission to help all of our clients find the growth and success that they are looking to attain in order to become the established leaders in their area of expertise.

Contract Filling

Our on-site contract filling services are done in strictly controlled areas within an FDA-registered facility while adhering to all safety regulations for ensured product safety. This is especially important when filling plastic containers with cosmetics, OTC pharmaceuticals, or veterinary medications for safe distribution.

Total compliance and quality assurance are what our clients know to expect from our contract filling services. Turnkey contract filling includes formulation, batching, packaging selection, and filling in a single location for maximum efficiency.

We use automatic filling and sealing machines for plastic containers that utilize injection molding technology. This ensures that every filling process is safely sealed without any potential damage from unnecessary heat exposure.

Contract Packaging

Our contract packaging services include both packaging manufacturing and secondary packaging following the filling process. We have a variety of plastic containers available for packaging liquids of almost any viscosity, such as gels, creams, serums, and even powders.

As an OTC packaging company, we specialize in single-dose packaging, each of which comes in five-vial strips that are filled with a precisely measured unit dose. However, our packaging manufacturing equipment gives us the ability to provide custom packaging options in a variety of different containers and bottles.

The custom packaging containers we use are made from high-quality materials that can then be personalized to your specifications. We also offer personalized pad-printing, labeling, hot stamping, embossing, and silk-screening for clients that have already developed their own packaging.

To learn more about the contract filling and packaging services we provide, visit the links provided or contact LF of America to submit an inquiry. You can also call us at 561-988-0303 for further assistance.

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Filling and Packaging Services

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