CBD Product Packaging

CBD, or cannabidiol, has a diverse number of medicinal uses. As more and more states legalize the sale of CBD products, more savvy business entrepreneurs are understanding the value of entering this growing market. However, in order to become a successful brand, one necessary part of the distribution process will be finding a reliable CBD product packaging company.

The laws and regulations surrounding cannabis products in general, including CBD products, are still fluctuating. CBD product packaging laws are still not entirely clear, although a few common stipulations are being put into place. For example, it’s typical to find a QR code on CBD products to prove total compliance for customers and law enforcement as well as state and federal governments alike.

To ensure future success and product safety, manufacturers need to know that they can trust their contract packaging company with compliant and durable CBD product packaging. That’s why LF of America is proud to be the premier partners for CBD contract packaging. Learn more below about how we’ve been helping manufacturers achieve their goals by making their vision a success.

CBD Product Packaging Solutions

Redesigning a current packaging design can be stressful. As new laws continue to remain in development, it’s natural for the stress to grow. What LF of America does for manufacturers is to help alleviate their concerns regarding upcoming changes. Our experience in monitoring regulatory changes and adhering to compliance regulations allows manufacturers to worry about making the products while we take care of everything else.

Another common concern for CBD products is the durability of their containers. CBD uses are diverse and can be found in everything from oils and extracts to gels, creams, lotions, and other OTC products. Due to the organic nature of CBD, all of these items require durable product packaging to maintain its integrity. In addition, there are also different types of packaging required for the different uses.

To overcome these obstacles, we offer a variety of different packaging designs using high-grade materials. Specializing in single or unit dose packaging, these vials are ideal for products that require pre-measured portions. We also carry multi-layer packaging options that fully protect the products from harmful elements like heat and light.

Benefits of Unit Dose Packaging:

Consumer use friendly, no contamination one-time use vs dropper that may come in contact with the consumer while dispensing.

  • Unit Dose
  • Exact measure
  • Pre-metered dose (No over counting drops, miscalculating drops)
  • Precise quantity delivery (One time use)
  • Under tongue application
  • Shelf life with one-time use
  • White packaging provides UV Barrier protection from light
  • Bio Plastic option (our Bio-based strip)

Contract Packaging Company

LF of America delivers complete end-to-end turnkey solutions for packaging CBD products. This includes contract filling services done inside our state of the art facility. We handle every product with the utmost care, treating them as if they are our own. Our filling and sealing machines are held inside an ISO-8 cleanroom and can fill our containers or packages of your choosing.

Our team puts a strong emphasis on safety and guidelines, assuring our clients that their customers can trust they are getting exactly what they expect. Ready for a CBD product packaging solution that puts you in place for continued growth and success? Contact LF of America to get a free quote for our contract packaging and filling services today. We also offer THC packaging options. For inquiries on THC filling options, please contact us at 561-988-0303.

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CBD Product Packaging

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