Automatic Filling Machine For The Veterinary Field

The newest automatic filling machine from LF of America is the perfect all-in-one packaging solution for veterinary industry medications and liquid animal products. Designed using state of the art technology for maximum efficiency, the Bellow Machine is a diversely functional automatic filling machine capable of filling and capping a wide range of liquid products.

As single dose filling machine manufacturers, each specialized automatic bottle filling equipment option we provide is designed to handle different bottle filling demands across a wide array of industries. In particular, the Bellow Machine units can be used as an automatic filling machine in the animal or veterinary sector.

Veterinary Packaging Examples

Considering the overall growth of the veterinary industry in the past decade alone, properly preparing veterinary medication and other animal-related products for full-scale distribution is a necessity shared by many companies. This has led to a rise in animal and veterinary contract packaging companies offering contract filling and packaging services for an increasingly diverse amount of different products.

Listed below are examples of animal products in veterinary packaging perfectly suited for our automatic filling machine.

  • Medicated Eye Drops
  • Pet Ear Cleaners
  • Flea & Tick Treatments
  • Single Dose Nutritional Supplements
  • Liquid Anesthetics
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Aqueous Creams & Lotions
  • Livestock Treatment

Automatic Filling Machine 

The Bellow Machine handles various degrees of filling orders that range from small batches to full-scale production capacity sizes. It is capable of automatically capping and filling as many as 25 units per minute and can be altered to handle virtually any liquid viscosity, including creams, serums, and even powdery substances.

To learn more about how automatic filling and capping machines work, watch the demonstration video provided below:

Veterinary Packaging Manufacturing

Working with turnkey veterinary contract packaging partners like LF of America also entails the advantage of finding the perfect containers or bottles to safely hold and dispense the product. Veterinary packaging can be as diverse as the animal kingdom the products are designed for, so the type of container plays a prominent role.

Custom packaging manufacturing services provide companies in the animal or veterinary sector the option to design a functional, durable, and unique container. Our single dose packaging options are ideal for dispensing veterinary medications with ease, making the entire experience easier for animal and user alike.

We also offer various other innovative and specialty packaging design options, such as bottles with eye droppers, enema containers, dual chamber bottles, and the widely used, multi-functional Bellow Bottle. Discover how each of these can be modified to hold pharmaceutical grade veterinary packaging by navigating our website.

Consider LF of America the perfect partners for handling all your veterinary contract packaging needs. Contact our team for further inquiries regarding the Bellow Machine or any of our contract filling and packaging services.

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Automatic Filling Machine

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