Advantages Of Single-Dose Eye Drop Packaging

Single-dose eye drop packaging is an innovative alternative to traditional ophthalmic medication packaging that addresses previous limitations. Ophthalmic diseases and eye irritations require eye medication that has been commonly stored using multi-dose containers and bottles with droppers.

Although most ophthalmic medication is produced from a simple solution, the dropper bottles have design limitations. The two major challenges have always been precise dosing and storage issues. 

The challenges of traditional eye drop packaging have led many pharmaceutical companies to look for alternative ophthalmic packaging options. They have pursued these alternatives by contracting with packaging and filling companies for expert assistance.

The desire for an alternative led LF of America to create the innovative single-dose eye drop packaging. Unit-dose packaging addresses the limitations inherent in traditional ophthalmic medication packaging that pharmaceutical companies and patients can enjoy. 

Continue reading to learn the differences between traditional bottles with droppers and single-dose eye drop medication packaging. If you have any further questions or would like to speak with the contract packaging and filling company responsible for this innovative breakthrough, contact LF of America today. 

Previous Ophthalmic Packaging Designs

Traditionally, ophthalmic medications have been packaged in a bottle with a dispensing tip and are designed to be tamper-resistant. This kind of packaging is known as multi-dose containers and use materials designed to aid in dosing, minimize contamination, and maintain sterility.

The durability and cost-effectiveness of multi-dose dropper bottles have made them a widely used choice. As mentioned above, storage and precise dosing have been the biggest issues. 

In terms of storage, almost all ophthalmic medication packaged in dropper bottles uses preservatives to maintain the quality of the medication. There is also the probability that the materials used in the packaging can cause a chemical interaction with the solution containing the medication.

These factors, particularly the preservatives used, have been known to cause a burning sensation. The second factor has to do with dosing. Many ophthalmic medications require the user to apply an exact dose to each eye.

Applying precise dosing in both eyes has always been a challenge with multi-dose dropper bottles. Fortunately, single-dose eye drop packaging has solved these limitations without sacrificing quality. 

Innovative Single-Dose Eye Drop Packaging

Unit-dose packaging was designed by LF of America using a patented multi-layer technology and uses a 100% preservative-free formula. This innovative packaging solution allows for patients to precisely apply medication to each eye without having to worry about feeling a burning sensation.

Each unit is designed as a two-piece unit-dose vial that uses a clean orifice for precise drops. Users will not have to worry about plastic flashes when opening nor struggle with proper dosing in each eye. 

In addition, filling the single-dose eye drop packaging has increased safety and flexibility for manufacturers by using injection molding technology. Contact the experts at LF of America to learn more about our turnkey contract filling services and how they can benefit your business.

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Single-Dose Eye Drop Packaging

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