Advantages of Liquid Unit Dose Packaging

Liquid unit dose packaging is being widely utilized throughout the medical field everywhere. In hospital settings, unit dose packaging is especially useful. For those working in a fast-paced hospital environment or long-term care facility, small improvements help to make the entire system safer and more efficient for patients and workers alike. 

Medical professionals, especially in hospital settings, are constantly looking for ways to improve both efficiency and safety standards. Unit dose packaging systems were designed to enhance safety while reducing the time and hassle it takes to prepare and administer pharmaceutical doses.

By definition, unit dose packaging is “a dose of medicine prepared in an individual packet for convenience, safety, and monitoring”. Here at LF of America, we are proud to be at the forefront of these significant improvements by providing pharmaceutical companies with turnkey contract packaging and filling solutions.

Learn more about the advantages of unit dose packaging below. To speak with us regarding our various pharmaceutical packaging options or contract filling services, please contact LF of America for assistance.

Advantages of Liquid Unit Dose Packaging

When considering the definition of unit dose packaging, it’s obvious that unit dose packaging designs need to improve convenience, safety, and monitoring. Unit dose packaging improves convenience by eliminating dose preparation time and reducing errors regarding inaccurate dosing. 

In addition, a single dose container has an individual barcode. This makes it fast and simple for medical staff to monitor any of the medicine administered to a patient. Liquid unit dose packaging also benefits the patient since they will only have to pay for individual doses rather than being required to pay for an entire bottle of medicine.

On top of that, single dose containers are also more hygienic than traditional containers. Lastly, unit dose packaging makes it easier for a user to take prepared doses of medicine with them and eliminates the potential for incorrect dosing.

The main reasons to incorporate unit dose packaging are:

  • Enhanced safety standards for patients and staff
  • Eliminating the potential for incorrect dosing
  • Quick, efficient monitoring using electronic documentation
  • Easily identify any damaged containers 
  • Lower patient costs for unused medication

Eco-Friendly, Single Dose Packaging for Liquids

Here at LF of America, we manufacture eco-friendly unit dose containers for liquids, gels, serums, creams, and more. Our unit dose containers come in interconnected strips of five separate ampoules. We also offer single dose containers with reclosable seal options for multi-use applications.

Designing innovative pharmaceutical packaging options like unit dose packaging is a vital part of making the medical care industry safer and more efficient. To learn more about our liquid unit dose packaging options, please watch the video provided below.

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Liquid Unit Dose Packaging

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