Contract Packaging Services

Contract filling services from LF of America are done using injection molding technology. Compared to Blow Fill Seal machines, injection molding brings with it a number of added benefits. This opens up the possibilities for companies concerned with contract packaging services for pharmaceuticals, OTC prescription drugs, cosmetics, or other liquid products. Pentafill Machines are the most innovative automated packaging systems currently available. They utilize the latest in injection molding technology, making them the perfect packaging solution for orders big and small. Read more about injection molding vs. blow fill seal machines below and visit our website to learn more about who we are at LF of America.

Contract Packaging Services | Injection Molding vs. Blow Fill Seal

Injection Molding & Fill and Seal

  • Injection molding and fill and seal is a two-step process. The vials are first molded and then transferred to the filling line where they are filled and heat sealed (without contact between product and heat).
  • Flexibility of Pentafill fill and seal machine makes it perfect for small batch orders (1500 vials per hour) to full-scale production sizes (15,000 vials per hour).
  • Small overall machine size that fits in existing filling environments easily.
  • Quick parts changeover.
  • Machine costs 2-3 times less than a BFS machine capable of the size production capacity.
  • No wasted plastic materials.
  • Technology makes multilayer packaging and calibrated drops possible.
  • Improved user experiences.

Blow Fill Seal (BFS) 

  • Vials are blown and filled at the same time in a one-step process. This poses a risk for heat sensitive products.
  • Most regular BFS machines fill 10,000 vials per hour and cannot be stopped once the process is started. This makes 3 shift work schedules mandatory.
  • Minimum recommended room size is between 500-600 square feet.
  • Changeover of molds extends the time needed for production.
  • Higher investment cost.
  • Large quantity of plastic waste is cut from the parison.
  • Set up, maintenance, and operating BFS machines is complicated and requires highly skilled and well-trained personnel.

Contract Packaging Services | Custom Packaging Options

We offer custom packaging options for companies looking to develop their very own unique unit-dose delivery system. The technology and plastics we use include polyethylene, polypropylene, and ethylene vinyl alcohol. Additionally, we provide leak testing, optional decorations (like pad-printing, labeling, and embossing), and guarantee the quality consistency of all our injected plastic packaging. Learn more about our custom packaging options in the video below:

Contract Packaging Services | About Us

LF of America and Lameplast Group are your complete source for professional contract filling and contract packaging services. Our Pentafill machines incorporate the latest in injection molding technology to produce the best results for competitive prices unbeatable by traditional  BFS machines. Our FDA and EPA-registered facility is located in Boca Raton, FL and our primary focus is contract filling and packaging designs for personal care, diagnostic, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and OTC products. Learn more about turn-key solutions and unit-dose delivery systems by reading previous articles and news. To ask about getting a free sample, call 561-988-0303. Please Contact Us if you have additional questions.

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Contract Packaging Services

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