Contract Liquid Packaging FL

LF of America, a Florida contract packaging company, offers a wide range of contract packaging and filling service options. We offer contract packaging and filling for products in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and veterinary care industries. If you are looking for the number one Contract Liquid Packaging FL you are in luck, look no further than LF of America!

Our state-of-the-art equipment includes automatic filling and sealing machines to seal plastic containers for use in packaging. We are the industry leader in packaging innovation thanks to our nearly forty-year track record of success.

Our expertise includes everything from contract packaging to providing professional turnkey solutions for filling fluids. Continue reading to find out how we can assist you. Please contact LF of America today if there are any questions or if you would like to know more.

Turnkey Services

We offer a wide range of contract packaging and filling services. LF of America can provide the expertise and resources needed to fill plastic containers, package liquids, or design innovative packaging solutions. Our Florida contract packaging company is committed to helping clients succeed in their respective fields.

Contract filling

All contract-filling services that we offer are carried out in FDA-registered facilities. All safety regulations are strictly followed to ensure product safety. For safe distribution, plastic containers must be filled with OTC and cosmetic pharmaceuticals as well as veterinary care products.

Our contract filling services offer clients complete quality control and compliance. Our contract filling services include formulation, batching, and packaging selection. All of these tasks are performed in-house to maximize efficiency.

Contract Packaging

LF of America provides contract packaging services, including packaging manufacturing as well as secondary packaging after the filling process. Our plastic containers can be used to package liquids of all viscosities, including creams, gels, and powders.

We are an OTC contract packaging firm in Florida that specializes in unit dosage packaging. Each single-dose container is packaged in five vials and filled with a precisely measured unit dose.

We have access to a wide range of packaging equipment that allows us to provide custom packaging options for various bottles and containers. Our custom packaging containers can be customized to suit client requirements. They are made of the best materials and can be customized to your specifications.

LF of America offers personalized labeling, pad printing, and embossing as well as hot stamping and silk-screening of packaging that clients have already created.

Florida Contract Packaging

Please visit these links to learn more about Florida’s contract packaging and filing services. You can also call LF of America at 561-988-0303 to speak with them directly.

Contract Liquid Packaging FL

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