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Staff and patients both benefit from the efficiency and safety improvements made by medical professionals. Contract packaging companies have helped the medical sector achieve these goals in innovative ways. A reputable unit dose packaging company is the best choice to get the most out of single-use packaging systems. For any questions or concerns regarding the best Unit Dose Packagers in South Florida feel free to give us a call at 855-429-2194.

Unit dose packaging can be defined as “a single dose of medicine, prepared in an individual package for convenience, safety, and monitoring.” LF of America proudly created a unit dosage packaging that achieves these goals.

We are a leader in contract packaging and filling, and we will continue to innovate new solutions to help the industries that we serve. Below are some examples of how unit dose packaging has been beneficial to hospitals and medical professionals. Contact LF of America to speak with a unit dosage packager and learn more about how we can help you.

Unit Dose Packaging has many advantages

We developed a single-dose packaging system to achieve our goals of improving safety, convenience, monitoring, and tracking. Our unit dose packaging design uses eco-friendly materials. It is a connected strip that includes five ampoules. Each unit is labeled individually using a clearly identifiable code that can be scanned for electronic documentation.

You can safely separate the ampoules without damaging their packaging. They can also be made with a sealable closure for multi-use applications. You can fill the containers with different products, and customize them using hot stamping, pad printing, embossing, and custom labeling.

Unit dose packaging makes it easier for patients and doctors to administer the correct dose. Patients also benefit from unit-dose packaging because they can only pay for what they actually need and not excessive amounts.

Our unit dose packaging designs offer the following key benefits:

  • Safety for patients and staff has been improved
  • Removing improper dosing concerns
  • Electronic documentation allows for easy monitoring
  • Patients pay less
  • It is easy to locate containers that have been damaged or tampered with.

Check out the video below to learn more information about our unit dose packaging options.

Turnkey Contract Filling Services

LF of America offers turnkey contract-filling services to its clients. This includes formulation, batching, and fulfillment. Our filling services use state-of-the-art filling equipment that meets or exceeds industry standards.

We also offer our clients the chance to purchase Pentafill machines for their in-house filling solutions. To learn more about our fill-and-seal machines for sale, or to contact LF of America at 561-988-0103 for any inquiries, please visit the page.

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Unit Dose Packagers