Medical and Cosmetic Packing with LFoA

Medical and Cosmetic Packing with LFoA

Lf of America can change the way your organization handles its Medical and Cosmetic Packing and filling forever! LF of America runs a top-tier turnkey operation for products that need Medical and Cosmetic packing and/or filling. Safety, efficiency, time, and cost-effectiveness are all part of our system and design philosophy at Lf of America.

LF of America, a Tekni-Plex business, is a global leader in the Medical and Cosmetic Packing and distribution industry. We have created a world-class operation that from start to finish will handle the entirety difficult process of determining every aspect of the packaging for your product, from its style to its production, by being your packaging department for you. Read on to learn more about why hiring a contractor for packaging these kinds of products is such a great option, and how Lf of America can help your business.

An organization that produces medical products needs to be aware of many factors, one of which is dosage. The dosage- a measurement of the safe amount for consumption- is important.  The biggest reason of course being safety, too much product can harm people and so a correct amount must be set to ensure safe consumption or use.  Secondary to customer safety, of course, Effectiveness is also important as too little product can result in a lack of the desired effect.

Your product packaging needs to also clearly indicate the instructions for dosage, and how to properly apply or consume the product within safe guidelines.  Even with this information, however, it is still possible to make a mistake, such as using the wrong measuring spoon or cup. This could lead to a lack of effect on underdoes or serious health complications for overdoses. Our packing process provides options such as dose packaging to prevent this from happening, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your products.

A Cosmetic and OTC packing contractor can remove the worries of ensuring the safety of medicine, and the proper supply distribution of cosmetics by providing the amounts needed for any given packaging, 100% of the time.  LF of America’s turnkey operation can help you design, label, and market your package in any of our packaging types to help you achieve maximum levels of marketability, safety, and conveniences for your customers. We also design custom packing solutions to suit your product’s specific needs.  Why spend time worrying about these factors when you could have industry-leading professionals remove the worry entirely, freeing you to focus on other aspects of your business. for more info on unit Dose or other packaging options, call LF of America Today!

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