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Eye care medication is required to treat a variety of eye diseases and irritations. The vast majority of ophthalmic medication can be derived from a simple method. Many ophthalmic packaging options can be complicated and may even require the use of irritating additives. For any questions regarding the best Ophthalmic Packaging Company feel free to give LF of America a call at 855-429-2194.

Many pharmaceutical companies have turned to contract packaging and filling specialists to overcome the shortcomings of traditional ophthalmic packaging. Unit-dose packaging is one of the most recent innovations in eyedrop packaging. The incorporation of single-use packaging for eye drops offers a variety of benefits for both users and companies.

This article will discuss the many ways unit dose packaging can enhance the storage and usage of ophthalmic medicine. Contact LF of America if you are interested in discussing the eye medication packaging options available with the leading contract packaging and filling firm.

Traditional packaging for eye products

Typical packaging for eye medication includes a dispensing tip, a bottle, and tamper-resistant characteristics. Because of their durability and affordability, standard bottles have been used for decades. These standard eye medication containers have some significant drawbacks, even though they are very useful.

Multi-dose containers are used to store liquid ophthalmic drug products. They can be used to preserve the quality of the product and aid in dosing. Most ophthalmic drugs in multi-dose containers should be used within one month of opening.

Traditional eye medication packaging has two main problems: dosing and storage. It can be difficult to evenly distribute the medication in both eyes. Preservatives are used to prevent the solution from reacting with other materials in the container. This causes a burning sensation.

Innovative Ophthalmic Packaging Options

LF of America created a new ophthalmic packaging option to overcome these issues. Our unit dose packaging for eye drops is easy to use thanks to patented multilayer technology. It also contains a 100% non-preservative-free formula. The single-dose container allows users to administer the exact same dose to both eyes.

Our unit dose ophthalmic packaging is superior to traditional eye drop containers.

  • No irritating additives or preservatives.
  • Equal API Delivery in Every Eye
  • Two-piece Unit-Dose Vial in Clean Orifice to Calibrate Drops
  • More comfortable administration (no plastic flashes at opening).
  • Injection Molding Technology (increased safety, flexibility)

Please watch the video below to learn more about our eye medication packaging options.

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Ophthalmic Packaging Company

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