Contract Filling, Sealing, & Liquid Packaging

The need for liquid packaging services is growing throughout the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and industrial industries. Technology has progressed in the liquid contract packaging industry and certain companies are leading the way for more and more innovative processes to deliver unit-dose filling and sealing services. LF of America is one of the top liquid contract packaging companies that has continued to grow and thrive with the ability to offer a full contract packaging service. Continue reading for an informative look into what sets us apart from our competitors and to find out how we can help you and your liquid packaging needs.

Contract Filling:

From cosmetics to over the counter and pharmaceutical products our methods of filling and sealing your product are performed in highly controlled areas. To ensure this we follow all of the Class 10,000 Standards. By doing so this keeps our facilities in total compliance with complex quality and health regulations. This is how we are able to guarantee our liquid packaging services are successful and safe to each of our clients.

Your Liquid Packaging & Containers:

LF of America provides the option to create custom packages for your health and beauty, pharmaceutical, or industrial products. We create beautiful vials in five-piece strips that can be customized with your logo and come in your choice of color. These vials come in sizes as small as 0.33mL to sizes as large as 10mL. Our liquid packaging machines are able to fill up to 125 vials per minute, making them the most efficient liquid packaging machines in the contract unit-dose filling industry. Does your business prefer to use its own previously designed packages? That is not an issue for us. LF of America is capable of manufacturing our own vials or using your packaging to fulfill your needs. We are more than happy to use your tubes or bottles that your customers are already familiar with and only need a few packaging samples to test their feasibility for an accurate estimate.

Benefits of Liquid Packaging with LF of America:

We are an FDA registered facility that offers complete liquid packaging filling and sealing services. Our full turn-key services include batching, formulating, filling, and packaging selection all within our own facility. We are capable of handling all liquid solutions including gels, creams, serums, and liquids. No amount of production is too small or big with our highly automated machines and cumulative experience with our European partner Lameplast Group. Our liquid packaging and contract filling services can be utilized worldwide and our state of the art packaging facilities are the most innovative in the industry. For more information regarding our liquid contract packaging, filling, and sealing services visit our website at LF of America. Contact Us with any questions or to receive an estimate.Liquid Packaging

Liquid Packaging

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