Diagnostic Contract Packaging

LF of America provides reliable diagnostic contract packaging and filling solutions that cover a wide array of applications. Our team specializes in the development and design of reliable unit dose packaging for diagnostic products and diagnostic companies.

We combine specialty packaging and filling equipment with an emphasis on regulatory compliance to help diagnostic companies meet their growing industry demands. Our full turnkey packaging services include every aspect from custom packaging manufacturing to diagnostic contract packaging and filling solutions.

Contract Packaging For Diagnostic Products

Diagnostics healthcare companies are developing solutions that are at the forefront of healthcare improvement. We engineer and manufacture packaging options to give diagnostics companies an opportunity to keep advancing the field in innovative ways.

The diverse options of packaging for diagnostics products we offer include unit dose packaging containers ideal for diagnostic testing applications. The unit dose plastic containers are manufactured using high-quality materials and injection molded parts, making them safe to hold liquids, gels, and powders.

Applications of Diagnostic Contract Packaging:

  • Buffer Solution For Diagnostics
  • Diagnostic Test Kits
  • Flu Buffers
  • Gel & Liquid Diagnostic Products
  • Point of Care Diagnostics
  • Strep Bacteria Buffers
  • Spot On Control Treatments
  • Veterinary Testing Kits

For new product packaging for diagnostic applications, we also provide various custom packaging manufacturing solutions. We will design and personalize unit dose ampoules to your color and size specifications, including various applicator options.

Using injection molded technology, our unit dose packaging for diagnostic products are easy to use and contain a specific dosage amount. Unit dose vials come in 5-strip ampoules that can be applied to single use packaging or even multi-use applications.

Your Diagnostic Contract Packaging & Filling Partner

Each packaging and filling service we perform is done under the strictest regulatory compliance inside our FDA-registered facility. Packaging and filling require keen attention to detail and our commitment to upholding the utmost safety and care ensures your products remain safe from end-to-end.

Whether filling diagnostic products or manufacturing packaging for diagnostic test kits, consider LF of America to be your committed partner. Never do we forget that it is you who entrusts us with the preparation of your products.

We have been providing diagnostic contract packaging and filling solutions now for over 40 years and continue to lead our industry in efficiency and service. Contact us to submit an inquiry for our services or call 561-988-0303 to get more information.

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Packaging For Diagnostic

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