Liquid Filling and Packaging Types Pt 2

Liquid Filling and Packaging Types Pt 1

LF of America is a turnkey process service supplier for a variety of Liquid Filling and Packaging Types. It costs an incredible amount of money and time to construct, operate, and run a department built in house to manage the creation of packaging for your own products. It makes sense then to remove that headache and hand the entire process over to an already established, third party who can oversee the entire packaging and filling operation. We specialize in creating a variety of high-quality Liquid Filling and Packaging Types that can be used for an array of both pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Rather than have a department dedicated to this, we can be your department. Read on to learn a bit about some of the liquid filling and packaging types we carry in house, and check out our link to the first part of this article for even more packaging type descriptions!

Enema Containers:
Enema Containers are a squeeze bottle with a long thin cannula. The cannula is the distribution tip on the squeeze bottle. These bottles are designed to safely deliver liquid suppository medications. For this reason, these bottles are designed with two important factors. Firstly, they are single-use pre-portioned/dosed. Secondly, they remain sealed for and are designed so the user must manually pierce the tip.

Bottles With Droppers:
These particular bottles come in multiple sizes designed with special caps that are liquid dropper applicators. These bottles range in sizes as we have them ion 5 ml, 10 ml, 15, ml, 20 ml, and 30 ml sizes. The droppers come in more than one variety and are also selectable. Droppers are great for a number of applications including contact lenses, eye drops, and ear drops as well.

Multi-Layer Technology-
These innovative containers create a dual-layer of packaging. This is so that the product contained is protected by a secondary interior layer of plastic, while the external layer is covered in a more tactically pleasing container. Usee these if your product has a particular sensitivity.

Thanks for reading about the many the Liquid Filling and Packaging types offered by LF of America. In case you missed it find our link to the first part of this article below, which has even more information on our packaging types. There are many available choices. Additionally, we can even work with you on design, labeling, and function to make sure your product is packaged as the best possible way to get into your consumers’ hands. Call today for more information on how we can help your brand grow. Reach us at: 561-988-0303

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