Bellow Bottle

LF of America is a reputable designer and manufacturer of single-dose containers for pharmaceutical, personal care, and OTC liquid products. Our services provide the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with innovative packaging options and contract filling services, including full turnkey solutions. The Bellow Bottle container is one of our most functional container designs and is popular for its high number of diverse uses.

Bellow Bottles deliver practical solutions and are especially favored by health and beauty cosmetic products. Ease of application, various size options, and durable packaging materials all make the Bellow Bottle an exceptional advancement in the world of innovative packaging.

The Bellow Bottle is an ideal container for serums, creams, and even powders. We provide options for both long and short cannulas and the Bellow Bottle container ranges in size from 3 mL – 9 mL. Clients can customize their container by choosing between a variety of caps, applicators, and bellow bottle sizes, all available in virtually any color. State of the art manufacturing technology coupled with a world-class team of experienced packaging design specialists created a unique and proficient design we are proud to now bring to you, too.

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Bellow Bottle Machine

One of the newest additions to our facility is the second-hand filling and capping machine for bellow bottles. This new contract filling machine is designed to not only fill our Bellow Bottles but can even be modified to handle a variety of other containers. The contract filling machine has the production capacity of filling up to 1,500 units per hour (or 25 units per minute). Here’s how it works:

1. A vibratory feeder sources the star wheel with Bellow Bottles.

2. A second feeder moves the cap to the opposite end of the star wheel.

3. The filling size ranges from as little as 2mm to 10mm.

4. The filling process is done with a piston filling system.

5. After capping, the filled units are loaded onto a conveyor.

6. Containers can be coded on the bottom once loaded onto the conveyor.

The Bellow Bottle Machine can also be adapted to fill most powders and has already filled several million units at our own facility in Boca Raton FL. We house the machine inside of an ISO-8 cleanroom according to FDA-standards and provide clients a full spectrum of contract filling and custom single dose packaging services.

Watch the video provided below to learn more.

The container says a lot about a product to the consumer. The Bellow Bottle is a functional and effective way to give consumers an easy applicator for the items you provide. If you have any other questions or for bellow bottle filling machine pricing, call 561-988-0303. For additional information or for inquiries about receiving a free product sample, contact LF of America.

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Bellow Bottle

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