Revolutionize Your Product with LF of America: Experts in Contract Filling & Custom Packaging Design

Packaging can be a key factor in the consumer’s perception of a brand and their experience with personal care products and OTC products. LF of America is at the forefront of packaging innovations, offering comprehensive solutions for contract filling and customized packaging design. These solutions elevate your products and streamline production processes. If you are looking for the most trustworthy company for Contract Filling & Custom Packaging Design services visit LF of America.

LF of America offers Customized Packaging Solutions

Innovative Design and Manufacturing At LF of America we have decades of experience in developing and manufacturing plastic containers. We specialize in single-dose and unit-dose packaging. Each package is functional and uniquely designed, reflecting your brand.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Using cutting-edge injection and blow molding technology, LF of America creates containers that are both distinctive and patented. This allows you to choose packaging that stands out on the market. All manufacturing is carried out under controlled conditions that adhere to Class 10,000 Standards, and are compliant with ISO 9001:2008. This ensures high-quality results.

Comprehensive Contract Filling Services LF of America is your partner from the initial conception to the final execution of your product. Our contract filling is performed in an ISO 8 Clean Room, following strict Cosmetic GMP guidelines. This ensures the highest quality and safety standards for OTC and personal care products.

Why choose LF of America to design and fill packaging?

Reliability and Experience: As part of a group that has been in the industry for over 35 years, LF of America offers a wealth of experience and a track record of reliability. We are a leading choice for brands that require turnkey, comprehensive solutions.

Partnership With Cosmetic Solutions In collaboration with Cosmetic Solutions we offer a quality service unmatched, consolidating under one roof all phases of launching a product, from packaging manufacture to formulation and final packing. This partnership provides a smooth, efficient and effective production process, which enhances product quality and market response.

Services centered on the customer: LF of America understands that clients have different needs. We offer services such as free samples, which allow clients to send a small amount of their product for filling and sealing. This allows our clients to not only see what we can do, but also to experience first-hand the innovation and quality that we bring to their product.

Experience the LF of America difference

LF of America is a packaging leader because of its commitment to innovation, client satisfaction, and quality control. Our custom packaging design services and contract filling are tailored to reflect your brand’s uniqueness and meet the highest standards.

Are you ready to improve the functionality and presentation of your products? Contact LF of America to learn how our customized solutions will benefit your brand. We can help you make your vision a reality by providing packaging and products that are visually appealing.

Contract Filling & Custom Packaging Design


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