Contract Filling Companies

In the multifaceted world of product manufacturing, Contract Filling Companies play a crucial role in the lifecycle of a product. From cosmetics to over-the-counter medicines, the integrity of your product lies in the hands of these specialized firms. That’s why it’s essential to choose a reliable, versatile, and quality-assured company like LF of America.

The Difference in Quality: LF of America’s Standards

When you entrust LF of America with your products, you’re essentially investing in safety and quality assurance. How so? Our production processes unfold in strictly controlled areas, backed by years of industry experience. We are an FDA-registered facility operating within an ISO 8 cleanroom and following Cosmetic GMP guidelines. The aim? To meet and exceed international quality standards for both cosmetics and OTC products.

Unmatched Flexibility in Packaging

Whether you have your containers or are in search of unique and beautifully designed packaging, LF of America provides unparalleled flexibility. Got your tubes or bottles? No problem. Simply provide us with some packaging samples and we’ll evaluate the filling feasibility, offering you our best prices.

What Sets LF of America Apart?

When searching among Contract Filling Companies, here’s why LF of America should be your top choice:

  • True Turn-Key Services: From formulation and batching to packaging selection and filling, everything happens under one roof. This ensures quick turnaround times.
  • Quality Assurance: Our FDA-registered facility operates in an ISO 8 cleanroom, adhering to Cosmetic GMP guidelines.
  • Diverse Filling Capabilities: We can fill vials in five-piece strips, featuring five different products with varied viscosities and filling levels. We also fill bellows bottles and wand tubes with hypoallergenic silicone applicators.
  • Flexible Operations: Whether you have a small-scale production or massive orders, we adapt with semi-automated to highly automated machines.
  • Secondary Packaging: Final pack out of containers can be done in secondary packaging provided by clients, giving you maximum customization options.

Liquid Solution Versatility

We fill all kinds of liquid solutions, ranging from simple liquids to complex serums and from gels to creams. This means no matter what the nature of your product, we can handle it effectively and efficiently.

Why Choose Contract Filling with LF of America?

In a competitive market, aligning with a company that offers maximum flexibility, high-quality assurance, and comprehensive services is a game-changer. Contract Filling Companies are not just service providers; they are partners in your brand’s journey.

Next Steps: Let’s Discuss Your Project

If you’re in the cosmetics or OTC industry and are in search of a contract filling company that prioritizes quality and flexibility, look no further. Contact LF of America today to discuss how we can add value to your production process and product integrity. Your partnership with us will guarantee that your brand not only meets but exceeds market standards. Experience the best in contract filling services; experience LF of America.

Contract Filling Companies

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