Bellows Bottle

LF of America is trusted developer and manufacturer of custom unit dose and pharmaceutical packaging. Our team helps supply the medical and cosmetic industries with high-quality solutions for contract filling and packaging materials for their unique products. Bellows bottle packaging is a panacea for a multitude of cosmetic applications. Bellows bottle packaging offers highly advantageous containers for cosmetic products because of the ease of application that they provide to the end consumer. Our team of packaging design specialists has extensive knowledge and experience in creating optimal encasements for clients of all sizes and product types.

LF of America carries state of the art technology that allows us to create versatile and unique designs for our clients and their products. We also have high-end specialized equipment that allows us to fill the containers we’ve created with your product in a precise and proficient manner. Our bellows bottle containers allow you to select from long and short cannulas that can be interchanged with different sized and styled encasements. All of our containers including our bellows bottle packaging solutions are highly customizable and allow the client to select the cap color of their choice that they feel would best represent the product or mood that are trying to convey. Besides our high-quality bellows bottles, LF of America can provide you with other medical, beauty, and health product containers, some of which include:

  • Unit Dose Packaging
  • Wand Tubes
  • Bottles with Droppers
  • Dual Chamber Bottles

Our team at LF of America is dedicated to the continuous improvement of the services we offer our clients through the regular development of new plastic containers including custom encasement solutions. We offer our clients special contract and OTC filling services for your convenience. 

Our team has over thirty-five years of experience in the health and beauty packaging industry. We implement the highest standards of operation in quality assurance and safety processes. LF of America’s manufacturing process is done in an ISO 8 cleanroom for the utmost assurance of contaminant-free products. All of our services such as mold manufacturing are performed in our well-equipped, in-house workshop. Our company site is furnished with automatic and semi-automatic filling and sealing machinery which allows us to dexterously package your product with minimal hassle. Our packaging solutions present your product in a professional and easy to use manner which the end-users (Doctors, Nurses, Patients, Pharmacists, and General Consumers) will appreciate.

If you have been looking for a high-end packaging solution for medical or cosmetic product and require professional bellows bottle containers turn to the industry’s go-to supplier – LF of America. Contact us today if you have any questions regarding our bellows bottle containers, other container types, or packaging solution services.

Bellows Bottle

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